Here are some highly recommended links - These are websites of friends and family , so I know the products and the people very well and can be sure you wont be disappointed.

1. - Beautiful Handmade Natural Photo Albums , with options for personalisation

2. - Flokati Rugs, New & Old Kilims, and some amazing Persian Carpets

3. - Hammocks make you happy

4. Namaste Banepa - Nepali Charity helping kids through school.

5. - Fibre clay pots and fibre clay planters are a stronger, cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional garden pots and planters. Fibreclay is a mix of clays and fibreglass, so it means that the pots age well, like a clay pot, but have the durability and lightness of a fibreglass pot.

6. - pashminas & cashmere i Sverige !

7. - Hängmatta i Sverige

8. - Mattor i Sverige

9. - a new fashion blog

10. My Wild Earth - Outdoor and extreme gear website

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<a href=""> - A great place to buy Pashminas and cashmere knitwear - all styles available in 117 colours and your size</a>