Reasons Cashmere Is Luxury

Pashmina Stole - 70x200cm - 70% Cashmere / 30% Silk - Jacquard - Milky Blue

So if you have heard about cashmere, then maybe you even own a sweater or two… but do you know where it comes from? Do you know about all its magical properties? Well-here are some

Pashmina Stole - 70x200cm - 70% Cashmere / 30% Silk - Jacquard - Milky Blue

             Cashmere is a natural fibre which comes from animals, just like silk, wool, and any other hair or furs. Some other common natural fibres you might have heard of include merino wool, yak wool, sheep’s wool etc. Whereas there is also a laundry list of natural fibres that come from plants as well like cotton, linen, bamboo & more. 

             Where do cashmere goats live you ask? A lot of cashmere goats (like ours!) live in  Mongolia and Kashmir (India) where temperatures are extreme. These goats grow a long, which beneath is a soft, down-like fleece(the coat on sheep). During the Spring, the goats shed its hair and the soft Underdown is combed. This fleece is then cleaned, dyed (if applicable) and spun into yarn which then is made into your favourite cashmere sweater.

Not only the above reason is sufficient to buy your cashmere but also please read the below-mentioned reason for your cashmere this winter.

Soft as a Feather: Cashmere in its raw form has one of the narrowest fibre diameters, making it finer and softer to the touch. Also, the softness depends on the finishing. Soft, high quality, cashmere will feel like butter or like baby’s bottom.

Cosy & Warm: Cashmere is about 10 times warmer than a regular sweater. It is one of the warmest fibre you can wear. If it keeps the goats in Mongolia warm, it will do the same for one who owns a cashmere sweater. 

Adaptable: While we just went over how warm it will keep you, the cashmere can adjust according to your body temperature, it adjusts to your temperature keeping you comfortable no matter the weather. 

Lightweight: Cashmere is your travel friend. The fibres are powerful but incredibly lightweight and are wrinkle resistant. It will continue to shine day after day without weighing you down.

Long-Lasting: If you take good care of your cashmere knitwear, it will last you a lifetime. A classic style will stand for any latest fashion changes and you’ll never get bore of cashmere cosy feeling it provides and also you can recover all your bucks spent by wearing it to the fullest.” 

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