If you were wondering, we are open for business and operating 99.9% as normal at the moment. The reasons why are as follows.

  1. Your order is shipped from a small warehouse and there is only one or two people working there at a time.
  2. Everyone else is working from home.
  3. We are fully stocked and do not need to restock for at least 3 months.

Some minor things have changed recently:

  1. Our workshop in Kathmandu has been closed down along with everything else in Nepal. The initial shut down is for 10 days. This could be extended. This will delay bespoke orders, and if we do run out of stock of any thing, then we expect a delay in restocking. Everyone is getting paid.
  2. Royal Mail no longer guarantee delivery before 1pm for Special Delivery items. They still expect to be able to deliver before 1pm, but only guarantee delivery by the end of the day.
  3. International couriers are experiencing delays and no longer guarantee delivery times. At the moment this means a delay of less than 2 days and usually no delay at all.
  4. The British Pound has dropped to record lows against the US dollar. We will keep our prices unchanged until the end of June regardless. But we will probably have to increase prices then and a lot of others will be in the same position.

Thank you for reading. I will update you if anything changes which affects how and when you will receive your order.


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