Cashmere Hat

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What are some advantages and disadvantages of a cashmere hat when compared to hats made from regular wool.

8 Advantages of a Cashmere Hat

  1. Softer – a cashmere hats feel very soft. Do you find that wool hats make you itch ? They make my head itch, that’s for sure. A cashmere hat won’t make your head itch. It’s funny how people find it hard to resist stroking cashmere.
  2. Lighter – a cashmere hat weighs less than a wool hat. I don’t think you really notice this unless you have a hat with a giant bobble on top, so it’s a small advantage. Although when packing for a flight when every gram counts, then a lightweight hat could make the difference.
  3. Warmer – Due to the very thin thickness and the structure of the cashmere fibre more air is trapped in a more stable way. This insulates. This is what makes a cashmere hat warmer that a wool hat.
Cashmere Hat
4ply cable knitted cashmere hat

4. Looks good – There is something about items knitted in cashmere which looks great. Due to the fibre being fine and the knit being small, it means that the final object has quite a smooth finish and a slight sheen. They don’t look unnaturally shiny like some fibres, they just have a lovely soft sheen which says quality.

5. It is the best fibre – Let’s be honest, we all love to have the best of something in any category. A wool or cotton hat might do the job fairly well, but when you can have the best there is for a manageable price increase, then it is hard to resist

6. Durable – A decent cashmere hat will last many hundreds of wearings. I always wear one of our reversible cashmere hats from September to March, and have had my current cashmere hat for about 4 years. That must add up to about 600 days of wearing it. It is still in very good condition.

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7. Hard to lose – Maybe just because it is something that is a little more special than a regular hat. Also it looks unique. A cashmere hat from Mypashmina actually is unique to Mypashmina. Maybe we should try getting shops to stock them!

8.Easy to wash – You can just chuck your cashmere hat in the washing machine. MAKE SURE you use the wool or delicates cycle. They come out fresh and like new every time. Do not cook them at 60c and 40c is more likely to fail than succeed.

3 Disadvantages of a Cashmere Hat

  1. Price – It costs a bit more than a wool hat. Having said that, I have seen plenty of wool hats for higher prices than our cashmere hats, so this is not really a disadvantage if you are buying from
  2. People might stroke your head – Yes, they really do.
  3. Jealously – people will envy your new luxury hat.

4 Reasons To Buy A Cashmere Hat From Mypashmina

  1. Credibility – We have been in business since 2002. We started with pashminas and added knitwear in about 2004. We still have some of our customers from the very first years buying now. I have seen 2 names I recognise from those early days in the week that I wrote this article.
  2. Quality – We regularly send our cashmere for testing at SGS labs. We find out the fibre length, width and whether any other fibres have been mixed. They never are. 
  3. Unique designs – very few people will have the same hat as you. 
  4. Free shipping and no hassle returns and everything you would expect in terms of service. 


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External Resources

Wikipedia – Cashmere Wool

A very detailed study in to the properties of fibres such as cashmere , rabbit hair, wool (PDF)    – This report goes in to extreme detail, and is worth the read if you like to really understand a subject.

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