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Pure Cashmere Stoles

The cashmere pashmina stole in 100% pure cashmere is one of our most popular pashminas.

This is mainly due to it’s versatile size. It works very well either as a scarf or open as a stole.

The material is 100% pure cashmere. The cashmere is not brushed, so it will have maximum durability, and it will even improve the more you use it.

Pure cashmere is the softest and it is the warmest for it’s weight.

It is finished with hand twisted tassels, and is hand made in Nepal.

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Reviews Of 100% Cashmere Stoles - 70x200cm

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  1. It is a beautiful item – warm, soft and just the right colour. Not cheap, but you do get what you pay for. Haven’t washed it yet, so font know how that goes hence 4/5 stars.

  2. Perfect delivery to Finland.

  3. Gorgeously soft and cosy, feels really comforting around my shoulders when I read in bed. I wish the colour range had been wider but understand that you probably don’t have the same demand for these as the lighter ones. Thank you to your endlessly patient customer service, the weavers in Kathmandu and the goats.

Handy Pashmina Fact

A pashmina scarf is usually made from cashmere comes from the Capra Hircus goat. Most of these goats can be found along the border between Mongolia and China, and there are a few cashmere goats in Northern India and Tibet.