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Pashmina ScarvesClassic Pashmina Scarves – 30x150cm

These fine cashmere and silk scarves are so perfectly handy that you can take it everywhere you go. They measure 150cm (60″) long and 30cm(12″) wide, which means they are best worn like a usual scarf.

A pashmina scarf in this size is lightweight yet still provides warmth. Cashmere is so efficient. It will fold to a convenient size, so it can be the handy scarf that you carry everywhere. Just in case you find yourself somewhere a little cold, or you just fancy a splash of colour.

These scarves are finished with hand twisted tassels. The material is made with 70% cashmere and 30% silk. Adding some silk to the mix allows the weavers to weave the fabric a little tighter and it also gives the fabric has a slight sheen.

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Dear Sir / Madam

I have just purchased a scarf from you and cannot wait for it to arrive.

My mother has purchased many many scarves from your company for me as gifts. I just wanted to let you and your company know that your scarves are absolutely beautiful. I get compliments on them when ever I wear them and are perfect for when myself and my family go on holiday to Marrakech (my husband is Moroccan).

I couldn't believe the choose of colours available, which makes it so difficult to decide which one to buy as they are all stunning.

I look forward to shopping with you again and again.

Kindest regards,


28th November