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Your Own Brand

1. Commitment to absolute quality.
2. Competitive prices.
3. Low minimum orders.
4. We can make your designs with your own label.
5. Fast delivery times.
6. Ethically produced.

Reselling Our Brand

1. Large stock in the UK.
2. Easy uploads for online resellers.
3. Simple affiliates program.
4. Offer your customers bespoke orders.
5. Fast delivery times.
6. Low international shipping prices.

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ring pashminas

Feedback from a customer from Korea.

“Hello Paul,

Thank you for everything. The way you’ve handled the business is so prompt, sincere and professional, you are the best vendor that I’ve ever worked with. Even our company president, Ms. Park, has been so impressed by you, that she said she’d like to do more business with you.

I shipped the black hoodie sample back to you today, to the address in Katmandu that you’ve provided me before. And as I mentioned on my previous e-mail, please send us back two samples we sent you for copying.

Thanks again, and best regards,


Absolute Quality.

We have spent many months living in Kathmandu implementing rigorous quality control processes.

Every possible aspect of a piece of knitwear (many aspects) or a pashmina (just a few) is checked and remeasured to make sure the final items are perfect.

We have a dedicated quality control team in Kathmandu who’s only job is to check and recheck items and they are incentivised to find errors.

This means we can offer you a quality guarantee, and anything that you buy from us that is not up to the expected standard can be returned and remade at no cost to you. It hasn’t happened for years.


Cashmere Knitwear

Smaller Minimum Orders

We understand that you will not need to buy an entire container full of cashmere to start with.

You can order 1 pashmina or one piece of cashmere knitwear at a time if it is an item we keep in stock. This is great if you plan to resell our brand online.

If you are making your own designs, then the minimum order is 1-2kg per colour depending on the style. That would mean about 8-16 pieces of cashmere knitwear.

For non standard fibres, or non-standard combinations of cashmere and silk, you would need to order a minimum of 5-20kg per colour.

For screen printed pashminas, there is no minimum order, but the screen set up fee is charged separately, so it only really makes sense to order at least 20 pieces per design.

Your Designs and Branding

Maybe you already have a great brand and you want to add some high-end cashmere designs to your brand. We can help with that.

Or maybe you are starting your own brand of knitwear that you plan you have high end boutiques stock. We can help with that too.

If you already have items and you are looking to switch supplier, you can simply send us one of your pieces which we can duplicate.

You can also supply your labels, or you can just send us the labels specification and we can make it for you.

The same goes for hang-tags and outer-packaging.

cashmere in your design

The hardworking team in Kathmandu.

Ethically Produced Cashmere

One of the best indicators of decent working conditions is the rate of staff turnover. Do employees take the first opportunity they can to move to a different employer ?

Mypashmina has worked with the same factory in Kathmandu since the beginning in 2002. Even though the factory has had to move locations 3 times in that time, the staff have remained largely the same except for new staff joining as production has increased. 

When we first started, we made secret staff surveys and turned up at the pashmina factory unannounced to make sure that nothing strange was going on. It was a bit ridiculous looking back now. It is a great team of people and the management really care about the employees. After the awful earthquake a few years ago  we raised enough money to rebuild the houses of some of the staff.

You are always welcome to visit Kathmandu and check for yourself.

Support for Online Re-sellers

For re-sellers who wish to sell our pashminas and cashmere knitwear online, we can provide you with csv files, and a regular stock update file.

We can supply you with images in a single folder, optimized for web use.

We Accept Bitcoin

We really like Bitcoin. Banks mistreat us all and government issued currency is a terrible system in many ways. Now we can choose an alternative. If you pay for your trade orders with Bitcoin, we will give you a 10% discount.

Online resellers of cashmere and pashminas.
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