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Cashmere lONG cARDIGAN

This is a long pure cashmere cardigan, as you can see on the picture. It is a ribbed knit, which makes it even more comfortable. It has stripes in classic colours.
On this cashmere cardigan you will find small design details such as a tibetan style design on the cuff, and a single cable design on the back of the cardigan also.

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Hi,I saw on your email that you were wondering if anyone had any comments of the longevity and quality of your pashminas. It , I think, has to be more than 5 years since I started purchasing from you. Hard to tell , time flies and you are now the only source I use for my pashminas and cashmere cardigans…so it seems like forever that I have used your company !Anyway, if it is that long, I can tell you that every single one of my pashminas still looks fabulous, quality is superb, they are always admired and I use them a lot. I prefer the cashmere/silk ones as they drape better, but I do still have one of the pure cashmere ones bought on a clearance. It still looks good, no wear showing, but the cashmere/silk ones all look like new.Regards Jaine