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Angelweave Pashminas

The vertical (warp) is pure silk, and the horizontal (weft) is hand-spun pure cashmere.

Hand-spinning the cashmere gives it this lovely uneven natural look, and makes it feel softer than anything else.

If you could feel the cashmere through the screen, you would buy this one. It is incredibly, wonderfully soft.

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Reviews Of Angelweave Pashminas

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  1. A really beautiful scarf, in a lovely blue/green.

  2. Pashmina was exceptionally soft and incredible value. I love it!

  3. I order this;, and got another, not nearly close – let me talk to Paul- he has been my contact for like 10- 15 years-not satified- feeld husseld !
    Will send you fotoes of the one i receiced yesterday – Alice Elizabeth Enhuus- long time customer- Paul rememebers me

  4. So so gorgeous. Such high quality. Worth every penny to have an item like this. You will reach for it on the back of your couch time and time again. I love mine and you will love yours, too.

  5. Perfect, as always. Since 2008 I’ve bought somewhere between 50 and 75 items from Mypashmina. I have never been disappointed. And the angelweave scarves are like a dream. This was my 10th. Best quality, best service, best everything. A true pleasure.
    Thank you Paul and Caroline.

I have a small collection of your pashminas - classic and angelweave. My last pashminas (Rio Red and Navy) arrived about three weeks ago and as usual the quality was really great.

They drape beautifully around one's shoulders and are perfect under a parka these last days of the winter - it's cold where I live, and really cool summer evenings are not unusual- so the soft warmth of your stoles is a godsend.

They're very elegant too and finish off an ensemble or a casual jeans/jumper set in the most stylish way, especially if caught up with a nice brooch on the shoulder. it's a pleasure always to shop with you, many thanks,

Lucille. (PS. Do make use of this note as a testimonial if you so wish.)

11th March 2014

Hi Caroline

This morning when I went out with the dog, it was bitterly cold and just 2 degrees, but it did not matter, because I had my new Cobblestone angelweave-scarf on me, so I was hot anyway. Thanks for another great buy. You are so cute.

Cecilia - 28th September 2009