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At Mypashmina, you will find a large range of pashminas available for next day delivery. However, if you would like an item that we do not keep in stock, we will be happy to make is especially for you. The prices of bespoke pashminas are the same as pashminas we hold in stock. Delivery time is usually 3-6 weeks. If you want something other than those shown below, just contact us.  As for colours, you can select from our swatchbook and order on the website, but if you want a different colour pashmina, you can send us a sample to match.

Bespoke by Mypashmina

Mypashmina Swatchbook

£15.00  .
£26.00£99.72  .

100% Cashmere Classic Pashminas

Bespoke 100% Cashmere Classic Pashmina

£29.70£113.45  .
£25.70£114.22  .
£43.62£193.88  .
£46.60£228.85  .

Beaded Pashminas

Bespoke Beaded Pashmina

£37.36£166.03  .
£53.38£420.34  .
£102.00£804.00  .

Bespoke by Mypashmina

Bespoke Jacquard Pashminas

£34.60£153.77  .


Sweater Stone

£9.60  .

Bespoke by Mypashmina

Bespoke Jacquard Water Pashmina

£48.64£216.17  .