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Pure Cashmere Large Scarves

These large pashmina scarves are full length pashminas measuring 200cm or 80inches long.

It is half the width of a full shawl i.e45cm / 18inches wide. You can wear them open over the shoulders or arms. Or you can double it up, pull it through the loop to wear it like a scarf.. or simply wrap it round your neck twice for extra cosyness!

The fabric is 100% pure cashmere. The cashmere is not brushed, so it will have maximum strength, and it will even improve the more you use it.

Pure cashmere is the softest and it is the warmest for it’s weight.

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Reviews Of 100% Cashmere Large Scarves

  1. Marysia Bartlett

    I have been buying from this company for years , I have recommended to all my friend , they wash well I just love them
    Can not fault them
    I have them in about 10 colours

    Bespoke 100% Cashmere Classic Pashmina

  2. S West (verified owner)

    My bespoke pashmina took a little longer than the quoted time and the promised weekly update didn’t happen (so why promise one?).
    However, all is forgiven as I still received it in time for my requirements and I love it! The colour is beautiful and the material so soft, light and warm. I wish I could afford one in every colour.

    Bespoke 100% Cashmere Classic Pashmina

  3. Deborah Ball (verified owner)

    I have a number of your pashminas and have been delighted with all of them.

    Pashmina Large Scarf – 45x200cm – 100% Cashmere – Dark Navy

  4. Sue (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery. Beautiful soft god quality cashmere. Colour great and true to picture.

    Pashmina Large Scarf – 45x200cm – 100% Cashmere – Bright Rose

  5. KP (verified owner)

    I recently added two bespoke 100% cashmere shawls to my growing collection (25!) of MyPashmina scarves, stoles, and shawls. As always, the shawls were beautifully made, and the colors met every expectations based on the swatch book. I do wish the larger sizes were just a hint longer: 86 inches would be perfect, but I keep my house chilly during our frosty New England winters so I can wind myself up like a mummy–albeit a very spiffy mummy.

    Customer service: Please help manage your overseas customer expectations a bit better. The product description says bespoke items take up to 6 weeks, and the confirmation email estimated between 3-5 weeks, but the package took 9 weeks to arrive. I realize the beautiful shawls were made for me, and I am fine with waiting–would just like a more accurate estimate, in case I am ordering gifts for a specific date.

    Bespoke 100% Cashmere Classic Pashmina

  6. Angie (verified owner)

    Great pashmina as always ( think this is about number 12 I’ve got). However, I had to go the bespoke route as black is never in stock anymore (?) and it took way longer than I was quoted. I had to email customer service twice to find out when it was coming. Bit disappointed tbh

    Bespoke 100% Cashmere Classic Pashmina

  7. HollyB (verified owner)

    This is just what I was looking for – warm, soft but lightweight, folds beautifully, not bulky. The photo is an accurate representation of the colour.

    Pashmina Large Scarf – 45x200cm – 100% Cashmere – Wood Rose

  8. Diane (verified owner)

    I ordered a bespoke shawl in Orchid as a special gift. As indicated, it took a few weeks to arrive from Nepal but it was well worth the wait. On receiving it my sister-in-law described it as “exquisite”…
    I’ve just placed an order for one for myself!:0)

    Bespoke 100% Cashmere Classic Pashmina

  9. Al (verified owner)

    Can’t edit my previous review, but also wanted to add that the progress/update notifications were terrific – this is new and it’s brilliant. There’s no getting around the fact that bespoke takes time, but this is reassuring – and fun!

    Bespoke 100% Cashmere Classic Pashmina

  10. Al (verified owner)

    Fabulous as always, Paul – had always got the 70/30 blend before this but the pure cashmere is something else again – wonderfully soft and warm. I thought my collection was pretty complete, but now it seems not 🙂

    The online swatchbook photos remain a good guide to the colours, too, and I’d suggest those new to the site take a punt and order one, because believe me, folks, you’ll be back again and again. .

    Bespoke 100% Cashmere Classic Pashmina

Handy Pashmina Fact

A pashmina scarf is usually made from cashmere comes from the Capra Hircus goat. Most of these goats can be found along the border between Mongolia and China, and there are a few cashmere goats in Northern India and Tibet.