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Pure Cashmere Large Scarves

These large pashmina scarves are full length pashminas measuring 200cm or 80inches long.

It is half the width of a full shawl i.e45cm / 18inches wide. You can wear them open over the shoulders or arms. Or you can double it up, pull it through the loop to wear it like a scarf.. or simply wrap it round your neck twice for extra cosyness!

The fabric is 100% pure cashmere. The cashmere is not brushed, so it will have maximum strength, and it will even improve the more you use it.

Pure cashmere is the softest and it is the warmest for it’s weight.

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Reviews Of 100% Cashmere Large Scarves

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  1. Pashmina is lovely, great buying experience

  2. The product is great, one of many I have bought but if you want a delivery to arrive, don’t plan on using Royal Mail. 18.12.23 despatched using next day delivery, actually delivered 3.1.24, not even the right year and not ideal for a Christmas present.

  3. Excellent service, recipient very pleased.

  4. Quick delivery of a super product, really put me in the good books!

  5. I ordered a bespoke pashmina, one of the colours in the swatch book, without silk and in a slightly different size as I’m petite and can feel swamped by a lot of material. It is absolutely gorgeous. There is something luminous about the fabric, even though it’s 100% wool, and very fine, there is a depth of colour which makes it glow. I think any colour would look amazing because of this.

Handy Pashmina Fact

A pashmina scarf is usually made from cashmere comes from the Capra Hircus goat. Most of these goats can be found along the border between Mongolia and China, and there are a few cashmere goats in Northern India and Tibet.