You Magazine - Pashminas

October 2019,
YOU Magazine features Nadiya Hussain looking great using pashminas from MYPASHMINA as head scarves.

Photographer: Rachell Smith
Stylist: Anna Fordham
Creative Director: Natasha Tomlin Hall

Colours: Hot Pink , Purple Haze and Blue Mist

A pashmina is great when worn as a head scarf
A pashmina is great when worn as a head scarf
A pashmina is great when worn as a head scarf
A pashmina is great when worn as a head scarf

Tell us your ideas

Below are the ideas that you have sent to us so far.

Thank you so much. In no particular order:

1. A knit cashmere scarf, the same dimensions as a large pashmina. I
have a plain knit shawl, just a fine knit rectangle, and I love it.
But it is synthetic and I would love it so much more if it were
cashmere. Pretty much any colour would do, I would prefer ruby red,
black, ivory, dark brown or dark olive green.

2. A shawl with sleeves. Like these:

It needs to be long and not too wide, so you can cross it in front and
tie it back. Again, any colour of the above will do.

Hi Paul and Caroline!
I would love a jacket in a thicker stich (6-ply?) . A straight model, a little like the Chaneljacket. There is no need to pockets, but perhaps i could be a choice. (A collar could be a choice too?)
The borders could have a folded stiched strip, which should give a sort of stability to the model.
I prefer the arms to be a little wider so you can wear a sweather under the jacket.
(I attach some photos from a Swedish site).

If you make a jacket/cardigan like this I would like it in several of your colours. I have looked in many boutiques in Sweden and sites on the net, but not found this item in cashmere! It will be a dream to wear a thing like this!

I hope you like the idea!
I have two more ideas for a cashmere items I wished I could buy from you. I´d like a Cabled Button Vest for women, just like the one you have for men, but a bit more figure fitted and much longer, so it could be worn as a tunic paired with skinny jeans or as a mini dress with flat overknee riding boots and over a white shirt. Another option could be a cablet chunky cowl neck dress/tunic in chocolate brown,
charcoal and melange grey. Both would be sexy and classy.

Preferably, the length should go down to mid-thighs and yes, buttons
all the way down. 🙂

Hi Paul – how about a Mary Quant style longer length jumper that could also double as a mini-dress? I think it could be mid-thigh length and fairly fitted with long sleeves. Either polo-neck or scoop neck and the design would be different coloured quarters – a basic one could be black and white quarters (with black sleeves) but you could do other colour combinations too. I think it would look great with skinny jeans or leggings, or for the brave as a mini-dress over tights and long boots.

great idea & very much in demand = Ear Muffs in many colours, unisex or for both genders could be constructed with a strong head band or elasticated around the forehead
Many thanks
The technique used for your crocheted scarves is based on afghan squares, so your scarvescould be called afghan scarves. Just expand that technique to create waistcoats. Think of one big oblong, for the back, half that for the two front sides and then you could add two smaller oblongs for the short sleeves if used. Slightly hippy I think although I never was one, always too proper to let myself go. To find out more about afghan squares, there are plenty of books with different patterns, mostly American as they use them for throws etc. much more than we do.

I am sorry if I am going on a bit. It`s all quite simple really.

It would be good for oddments and your ladies would love doing them. I just love the scarf I have …but could have done with more purple and pink.
Dear Paul at My pashmina,

I am crazy about stripes. Especially the classic sailor style, Picasso style… you name it. White with thinner blue stripes! I have a woolen sweater with those stripes, with a little neck, and bottons to open or close on the left shoulder.
It is very old, and itches the skin because the wool is a bit harch. Not at all as soft as it would be if it was made of cashmere! :0)
For my inner eye i see the sweater in 2 variations. Both sweaters has to be feminine and “waist-fit” like i think the O-neck cardigan is. The blue stripe should be thinner than the white stripe. And the white colour have to be an eggshell/cream-white. See the attached photograph. The two editions are:

-A summer-edition with 3/4 length sleeves, and boatneck like the “hip lenght boatneck”. (the summer-edition could even be made with red stripes also.)
-Second is a longer winther-edition with long sleeves and 3 buttons where the shoulder meets the neck. A bit like mine or your “side button top”-sweater.

I have attached 3 photoes of my old beloved sweater, and hope to be able to wear it in a new soft cashmere edition soon!
Hello Paul,

Having fallen in love with the glorious selection of colours you offer and the quality of the items, I would love to be able to get all of my cashmere and pashmina needs met at your website. There are, however, a few things I’ve been looking for in vain.
Jumperdresses – kneelength (over just over), 3/4 sleeves with boat neck or scoop neck. On your Swedish website you have a very chunky knit polodress – something of that nature, only less chunky and a slightly more snug fit.
Slightly more floaty dresses – just under knee, snug at the waist.
Both dresses preferably priced at just under £100 so as to not be completely out of my price-range.

Cardi-wraps (I believe someone may have already said that)
Shrugs – shortsleeved as well as longsleeved
Tights (someone else has already mentioned that – but it is a brilliant idea)
Legwarmers and wristwarmers in cableknit (Danish winters can be very cold indeed).

Thank you.
A new idea after I wore my afghan scarf at the weekend. I wondered about waistcoats, quite long and some could have short sleeves as well. Yes, it would be expensive but so luxurious. I enjoyed my scarf so much and it would be good for your ladies and using up bits of yarn too. I am really hooked (pun not intended) on the scarf design and there are masses of ways to go.
a cashmere herringbone throw, with no tassles, completely square, just simple understated and practical elegance… available in only a couple of colours, e.g. ecru/cream and red/rust. These would make lovely presents for special birthdays, and do not need to be especially large, even 1m x 1m would be fine.

I would love to see these on the market for less than a hundred pounds retail. I think they would sell very widely.

My ideal cardigan/jacket would be quite long about 28-30 ins – roomy and made with a shawl collar in a heavy rib, smart yet cosy.
I know its been warm and summery, but I cant help remembering that in winter I have to walk my dogs across the fields in a cold north east wind. Wrapping a pashmina round your head just never works, they always slide off… about some stylish cosy berets or those lovely hood/scarves, perhaps with a contrast edging, that will keep my ears warm and then wrap snugly round my neck??? A touch of luxury and glamour on a bleak day – bliss!

We don’t do them already. We did actually make something similar about 5 years ago, but decided it was too heavy and therefore too expensive (over £100 easily). however nowdays we can also hand knit/chrochet things like our new scarves, and this could help make this viable.

As potential customer I think a lighter cashmere version maybe lacy/crochet would very work well- and sell well if you could bring it in around the £50 tag.
best wishes

I would like a simple long-sleeve cashmere shift dress.
It would be fantastic, if you had cashmere leggins 🙂 Leggins are very fashionable at the moment and it would be great to have cashmere ones for the winter period! They would be so cosy ad worm! Perfect to wear with a longer tunic or long cardigan. They should be quite tight and not lose shape around knees, so I guess they can´t be 100 percent cashmere, you would need to add some lycra/stretch/spandex (???) or
something. I would buy a pair in black and melange grey immediately!
🙂 But other colours could be navy blue, dark grey and dark chocolate…
And also nice long scarves in multicolour stripes, like your throat warmers, but muuuuch longer, all the way down to the hips or even longer would be great!
I never go out without a pashmina, in case it turns chilly or for air conditioned buildings! For the summer it would be nice to have a lighter looking crochet wrap.
I would like some of your styles a little more generous. I know you have made them larger for me. I would also like a boyfriend cardigan, very generous in width and length with pockets.

Yours and mine idea on cashmere slippers in some of your range of colours would be lovely too. I know that you are exploring that.o
I have had another idea. Looking at the scarves, one of which I have ordered, how about the ladies making a throw or a larger blanket? I know it would be expensive but unique and very warm There could be cushions to go with it too. Imagine the luxury. It would also help them as well and contribute to a fairer sys.

I think also that their crochet could be made into tote bags, perhaps lined in silk as pure luxury, embellished by handmade wooden buttons to hold the handles. Could some of the sari silk that is recycled into yarn, be incorporated as the lining, quite tough and exciting too.
In terms of styles – I love your boat neck sweater, the style is so flattering. Another suggestion I have is for a knee length or just below knee dress, not too fitting but shaped to the body, with a boat neck or cowl neck.
a pair of baby pink pyjamas comfy draw string pants and simple v neck long sleeve top with delicate scalop edging
A shall collar cardigan for men please,
& higher neck line cardigan also.
Preferably black or charcoal
and why not do charcoal for all your mens tops ie; jumpers cardigans v-necks?
I think that a herringbone scarf in charcoal & black or black & brown shades similar to your luxury herringbone stole style just with real diffrent colours every second line, this would be realy stylish. ( 4 ply would be great and wider stripes!)
My wife really wants a beautiful cashmere bed throw. with a satin trim like your baby blanket, if possible with matching cushions! colourwise, perhaps cream or tan, somthing neutral.

First of all let me say that many styles of jumper, especially for the last few years, have been too skimpy in design. They may have been in line with the current fashion for a slim look but, not only are they not suitable for the bigger lady, they are even unsuitable for somebody like me. I am over 60 years old, five feet four and slim. I almost always wear cotton, silk or cashmere clothes. I cannot afford expensive designer items but I like quality fabric for the feel, wearabaility and long life.

I do not want to wear cashmere when it is very hot. Nor do I want high necks or polo necks. I usually want to wear it when it is cold weather or maybe just a bit breezy. It would be good to have a jumper plus a matching cardigan which has a collar. Where I live (Ibiza) it is mostly lovely weather but can be cool and breezy – the back of the neck needs to be protected. At the same time, layers are the most practical solution as what is suitable for outdoors is often too warm for indoors, or the weather can change while you are out. I do not think I am unique and I think that, if you could fulfil all these needs, you would have a very saleable item.

Many of your lines are not good for me for all the above.

I would like a jumper which has short sleeves but not too short or too tight – say a little wider on the shoulder to be flattering, with a stretchy cuff just above the elbow. The neckline would be either a square shape or a scoop neck or even a v-neck – to wear with a nice necklace.

I would like the cardigan to fit easily over the jumper but be fairly snug round the waist and go to a few inches below the waist. It should have a collar which can be turned up to keep the neck warm.

Hope this is useful for you – look forward to hearing what you think.
Hi Paul,

I would like to see some basics in a fine single ply cashmere such as a simple round neck sweater.

Thank you

I’d like to see some cashmere jewellery: necklaces and bracelets made of balls of cashmere about the size of gobstoppers. The cashmere gobstoppers would need to be well separated by spacers, such as knots. You could, of course, intersperse gobstoppers with smaller balls but I think all one size, with space between, would look most effective. The necklaces could come in a number of different lengths – and of course the colours need know no bounds: a single colour, alternating colours, a mad sweetshop mixture…

They’d be soft on the skin, light and easy to wear, and funky. I don’t know how you’d make cashmere balls, but it must be possible. You might even be able to use up odds and ends in this way.

You could also get your Tibetan ladies to make corsages – but I bet you’ve thought of that already.

shrugs please !
First to say I’m very impressed with your service and quality.
I do have a suggestion, something I’d like to see made in cashmere.
I would like to have a sleeveless top with a V neck that’s finished with a little knot/ tie on the ‘V’, a V neck with a tie at the lowest part of the V.
Another nice neck line would be a crew neck with a little bow to one side.
There is one thing that puzzles me. When I first came across your site I ordered a catalogue, so that I would see the colours at home.
Now I find some of the colours are present in the catalogue but not all of them, so I end up ordering only those ‘old’ colours. Is it possible to keep your samples updated in the catalogue from time to time?
Hi I would really like a white vest either sleevles or short sleeve (mens)
why not have the mens cardigans and complete zip up jumper in black colour, Also what about a half zip jumper!
What I would really like would be cashmere treated with a moth repellant – I have problems with my wool and cashmere clothes, even using lavender when storing them. I’ve had to throw away so many items that have been attacked by moths.

I would like a summer cardi in cashmere …summer colour…to wear over light summer tops in chillier weather.

Hello Paul,

I feel there is a gap in your market for a sleeveless gilet in pure cashmere- possibly even reversible, with a zip and pockets, and a small collar. Then it could be worn over any of the lovely jumpers.

This has come about as I keep “almost ordering” a hoody with a toning (not matching) jumper, to make a more updated twin-set, but feel that I am possibly getting a bit old for a hood hanging down my back. A sleeveless gilet would add another layer of warmth without the bulk of two long sleeves.

Best wishes,

That’s gorgeous! Is it an intended line or have I just missed it on the website? I think reversible would be super. It would be expensive as it would be like two garments in one, but with the incredible range of colours available, the combinations are endless.


I would love to see a pashmina in a new colour – kingfisher blue, a kind of vibrant deep turquoise. Also a soft medium summer green. These colours are both in the autumn range of the House of Colours palette!

Thanks and kind regards,
I want a shrug (similar to the bolero I think, but difficult to tell from the picture on the website), but with three-quarter sleeves and available in any colour. The important points are: sleeve length must be three-quarters, shrug must cover to around bra-level or just below at the back (definitely not to waist), and the front must finish to the side of the bust rather than coming all the way across. This allows use with dresses for warmth but without covering the dress you want to show off or looking too cardie-ish. The type of garment is demonstrated very well by the shrugs available in Monsoon, but sadly they don’t do them in cashmere.
How about a shawl cardigan? A normal cardigan with long front panels that can be left or swept over the shoulders,or wrapped around body? Very cosy, and also quite elegant.
P.S: I love, love, LOVE the pashmina I ordered-such a beautiful colour, and so lovely and soft-thank you!

Cashmere idea;
I would love a cardigan in the leopard print pattern used for pashminas with a ruffle trim in contrasting red – that would be amazing!

Hi Paul,

Hope you are well. The cashmere items that I’d like to see would be cable-knit four ply in v-neck and cardigans. I’d like well-designed wooden buttons on the cardigans. It would be great if the women’s garments had a bit of hour-glass shaping to them.

I’ve got lots of thoughts about this so let me know if you want more.

Take care,

The item I would most love to have made from cashmere would be, a luxuriously soft and comforting cashmere cushion filled with calming lavender for the ultimate treat. My ideal colour would be blush pink. Otherwise a small throw to snuggle up to on the sofa on those chillier nights but can also double up as a throw/runner for the end of the bed….. This would also be in blush pink.

Hi Paul

Thank you for your e-newsletter. This response is not designed to win your
competition – simply to express an honest aspiration.

I am tall, but not enormous (5′ 8″ and a size 8) and I find it sooooo
difficult to get a simple, V-necked jumper that I can wear with jeans
without half my midriff showing. In other words, what I really, really want
is a longline (designed to come to just above the pockets on hipster jeans –
i.e. well below the natural waist), slimline (not skinny rib, but fitted to
follow the female form) deep-V neck (not cleavage-popping, but just deeper
than a man’s V would be, to show a bit of collar bone and be a teensy bit
sexy, or to pop a camisole or close-fitting shirt underneath), pure
cashmere, long-sleeved sweater in loads of colours – including navy blue.

Thanks for all your other lovely products, by the way. The quality is
great, the products lovely and the service excellent.

Best wishes

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